Interior Design vs Interior Styling

Interior Styling can be confusing when compared to the more famous term Interior Design.

Interior Designers are responsible for planning how space is used inside and the materials used in forming aspects of the room. This includes planning out the safety measures and the functionality of the home. Their job is to consider all aspects of the interior structure, not just how a room is decorated or how it looks in the end. The work of an interior designer should begin at the same moment that the build plan is in process.

On the other hand an Interior Stylist is someone who brings the interior to a “individual style or uniqueness”. This uniqueness of style is defined by the individuals who will be living or working in the room. A style represented in a sucessful project is a combination of the interior stylist’s signature with clients taste & requirement.

There is no set “image” when the interior stylist works with a room. The design uses a set of goals added to instincts that depend on each individual, there is no definition of “beauty” because the word has a different meaning for everyone. The main importance is the little things, such as the distance between each piece of furniture, color matching, textures, this is what gives the room life.

Interior Design will turn the structure into a room, but Interior Stylist is what gives it the ” individual style or uniqueness”.